Here's a doodle of Luka and Magnolia Alatus, the headmaster and (former?) headmistress of the Alatus Institute of Higher Academics, back when they were students of the academy~!

You could have it so much better!


Three hours before my last final (Accounting!) and I'm still up doing god-knows-what. (By which I mean, studying, perhaps?)

To continue the saga of Hans Loses Stuff...well, no, I shouldn't say that because that implies that I lost more stuff, which is NOT THE CASE! So, just, continuing from where I left off: I had gone shopping around for a replacement stylus right after I realized I had lost mine, and had bought the $60 one from, which unfortunately was the cheapest offer I could find--I guess it normally costs $70 and up, with shipping--


Speaking of which, because I've been such an Amazon whore, I had stumbled upon a free three-month trial of Amazon PRIME, which is their membership program that lets you get free two-day shipping! And I know that this is all a scam to get me to spend more money on stuff that I otherwise wouldn't buy if not for the fact that I'm getting free (quicker) shipping, but I'm convinced that the stuff I'm buying are stuff that I would've bought ANYWAY.

Right, moving onwards, I looked around some more and came upon the 4x5 Graphire4 tablet for $80! Just a little more than the stylus. =_= The tablet I have is the 6x8 Intuos2, which is an older model, but generally superior, I guess, so I wasn't necessarily regretting not spending an extra $20 just getting a new, more portable albeit lower-end tablet. But I took a look at the page for the Graphire4 tablet anyway, just to, you know, browse around...when I saw that New and Used quantities available from $27! Of course I expected it to be some cheap, beaten up model that a one-star seller was trying to get rid of, but I clicked through the link anyway, and--ohmygod. NEW Graphire4 tablets being sold at over $60 discount from several reputable sellers!

Long story short, I also bought a Graphire4 tablet in addition to my Intuos2 stylus replacement. ...BUT BEFORE YOU GIVE ME THAT LOOK, here's what I figure: with a notebook PC now, I'm probably going to be taking my tablet many, many places. (That's how I lost the stylus in the first place; because I didn't zip up my backpack properly. ¬_¬) A 6x8 Intuos2 tablet is a) big, b) expensive. So if I'm going to be carrying a tablet around, it may as well be be more portable, and easier to replace should I ever submit to dumbassery again and lose another stylus. YOU SEE, I THOUGHT THINGS OUT.

...But actually, my story's not done yet!

A few days ago I was telling my friend about what an awesome deal I was getting for my new tablet (while they scoffed at my spendthrift habits, the prat), so I decided to show them the Graphire4 for them to see for themselves the amazing savings--except wait-a-second. The tablet's being sold at, like, $88. Furthermore, none of other sellers were selling it for any less than $80...?!

Basically I chose the most convenient time to go on a mad panic through the internets for a new tablet, and this pretty much redeems all the extra spending I've been doing lately. The en--

NO WAIT! Also a few days ago, the seller of the tablet had sent me a confirmation that the tablet was shipped. That's coo', I thought. I'd be getting my stylus before that anyway so it's not like I'll be left hanging while waiting for the tablet to arrive. ...But JUST NOW, I got another e-mail saying that my tablet's shipped...again??

I open up the e-mail, and it turns out that they had accidentally sent only a Graphire4 stylus to me. This time they were going to get it right and send the whole tablet package to me. And by the whole package, I mean, "The good news is now you will have an extra Silver Pen at no additional cost!"


::sits back in his chair and crosses his legs::


Regrets and Non-regrets WOOOOOOO

Just a list of things I kind of regret doing! ;D (Surprisingly free of emo and angst, if you're afraid of that kind of stuff!)


When I get caught up with my 9-pages-a-week schedule (I'm, like, three days behind _-_), Laura and I are going to celebrate by eating at a semi-expensive restaurant, even though we won't be able to pay for it! (We've got many celebrations involving semi-expensive restaurants planned. None of which involve telling my mum about it. ;D)

I'll probably have to do a bit of shopping for some long-sleeved shirts (there's a surprisingly small number of them in my possesion...) and a warm heavy coat in the near future as well. (BTW thanks to everybody who gave me input on what to wear for Japan! :D) Mum doesn't want to go shopping for them yet though, because we won't know if I'm accepted until early-to-mid April. But too bad it's southern California where it's hard enough to come across a good coat even in winter, let alone halfway through spring, and if I don't manage to get coat with a fur-trimmed collar, I-. I just won't know what to do with myself XO!!!!!!!!

...Umm I agree with Rachel on the notion that the cast of Final Fantasy XII look like they all belong in gay porn. (The chicks would be the supporting lesbian characters.) Vaan makes me uncomfortable just looking at him (and I don't mean that in a good way), Balflear wears sandals?? and fruit-loop jewellery, Larsa is jailbait, period. And I can't tell whether Ashe or Penelo is the man in their illicit relationship because they're both pretty dykey; versatile?? On that note, why have Final Fantasy character designs lately been so...offensive? o_o() It started out with FF9 just being weird, but not so weird in the same way as FFX, where I wanted to stab my eye out when I first saw Tidus' costume; I'm told that the designs get more tolerable after you play through the game and either like the characters enough to forgive the, uh, unconventional outfits, or you just get used to it? _-_()

Speaking of which, on a whim I bought a new copy of Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter from eBay. Did I mention I used to have Breath of Fire III, but I gave it to Rachel and forgot about it and flipped out one day about not being able to find it, only to have her inform me that it was in her possession when I went to whine about it to her? Heehee, that was cool. So I ended up buying both III and IV off eBay. And now I've got V as well, yay! (I don't plan on getting I or II though, because they don't count. ;o) I don't know why I feel such loyalty to the series! Well, besides III being my first RPG, next to Super Mario RPG. And the series having some of the gorgeous art ever O_O!! (IV and after only; this includes the redone cover art for I, II and III. :3) Unngghgh I lurrrve it so muchhh >3<!

Oh, uh, anyway, Dragon Quarter is for Playstation 2. which I don't have. ;D()() So now that makes three PS2 games in my possession (the other two being FFX and Katamari Damacy), which I'll never be able to play because it's too late to get a PS2 but PS3 is going to cost 50 bajillion dollars!! :< (I actually have a pretty big list of PS2 games I plan to buy if I do get a PS3 though. Not that I'll have the money for any of it.)

I saved this entry as a draft in Semagic last night thinking I might have something more worthwhile to type today. It turns out I didn't.



Teehee, I like Ranulf.

So I'm almost done with a sketchbook and should probably be getting a new one in the near near future (there are like 3 pages left XO), so I figured I may as well take this time to scan all the sketches that are in there, as well as in the sketchbook BEFORE this one x_X. It would've been so much easier if I scanned them as I did them rather than leaving them all for now, but whenever I draw something in there I always think that I'll eventually refine and finish them. 9_9 Oh well, that never works out. Also, the sketchbook is a tad too big for my scanner so I have to actually go and edit the picture a little after I scan it because a good chunk of the side sections end up a little darker. =_= Next time I'll get a smaller sketchbook >_>. Whatever, enough rambling!

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