July 2005

New forum!

I've just spent the past 18 hours setting up a new forum on the site @_@. I mean, really, it shouldn't have taken more than three hours, but because I didn't want to lose any of the old data from the previous forums, I spent the better half of the night scouring for some sort of script that would convert the data from the old forum to that of the new.

I was originally planning on trying to set up one of those phpBB forums, but I couldn't for the life of me find a script that would convert the version I had of YaBB to the version I had of phpBB XO. Finally, what it came down to was me anticipating on converting the old data files through three other bulletin board scripts before finally being able to convert it to the phpBB filesm, when suddenly one of those inbetween forums was actually pretty good?? So I'm using that now for the site. Hurray!

Solike, all of the boards in the Directions of Destiny forums were combined into one board in this forum; same goes for Lapis Aquae. And because this current forum script ROCKS, I get to have customized templates for each individual board on the forum, meaning you can go to the Directions of Destiny forum and get the Directions of Destiny layout for it :D! (Which was really the only reason I had separate forums in the first place--so that I can have separate templates.) But right now the layouts look like ass because my brain is fried. Good night >O

New Art!

Among other things, I've updated the little art box to the left, and fixed up the front page some more in general? I'll probably write more in here too, possibly, probably. ;o

BY THE WAY, I'm constantly putting new art into the Art Archives without mentioning it here, so if you're ever bored or whatever, feel free to check them out to see if there are any new pictures? :o

...An~d I really should update that minicomic. >_>

New layout!


And now, sleep!