August 2008


So school started this week, and guess what guys! I STILL DON'T HAVE MY FINANCIAL AID! I've went to the office to ask about it before but they only told me that it's still pending, but due to further complications that has since arisen, I went back to the office today to pester them some more about it.

Well, back in June they had asked me to provide proof of citizenship, so I showed them my US passport which they had scanned. I go in today telling them about my situation and the counselor is like, "Well, let's see if we can get this fixed for you." She takes a look at my file, and one of the things she looked at were the documents containing the scan of my passport. She looks at it for a second and turns to me saying something along the lines of, "Well, you came in as a college student, but are you on a permanent visa now?"

And I was like, what? I am a US citizen...?

And then I took a look at what she was looking at, and oh man you guys you're gonna LOVE this: the page they scanned from my passport was NOT the first page that contains my vital US citizenship stats, oh no; the page they scanned was MY JAPANESE VISA TO STUDY ABROAD. IN JAPAN.


I'm supposed to bring them my passport again tomorrow and hopefully everything will be resolved, except they keep telling everyone that it'll take four to six weeks for financial aid to arrive from the time that our final documents are submitted. I don't think I can AFFORD to wait another month for my financial aid?? But ugh, whatever, I guess I'll see what they tell me tomorrow. =__=

Tea and Cigarette Break

Cigarette and Tea Time

I feel like that's what I need right now; a cigarette. (But I don't smoke so I'll take the tea instead!)

Trials and Tribulations

Trials and Tribulations

Phoenix Wright fan art! I had actually finished this for Fanime back in May, and I had uploaded it onto my DeviantArt a while back too, but I'm putting it up here now!! There are a few pieces on this site that I haven't put up on DeviantArt, anyway. But um, once both places get "caught up," I'll start uploading things simultaneously onto both. Why not just upload everything I have in one go?? B-because that's boring!! >__> Anyway, it's also available to purchase as a print from the Mansion Boutique for those who are interested. :D

Back from Otakon

It's actually been nearly a week, but I'm back from Otakon! :Db It's probably a little late now, but welcome everybody who came here through my business card! I'll hopefully be updating this thing often enough to make it worth your while.

Mansion Boutique

I am posting to announce that after several days of strife, I've managed to set up an online store on this website! Welcome, everybody, to the Mansion Boutique! Here I will be selling all the stuff that I'd been selling at conventions, including prints, buttons, bookmarks, and of course, books! Including the elusive Something Colorful artbook that I had worked on last year, featuring the work of me and eight other artists!

And speaking of conventions, this weekend is Otakon 2008 in Baltimore, MD, and I will be there! If you're going, look for me in the artist alley at Table C5. :3 COMMENT IF YOU'RE GOING!

Aaannd that's all I have to say for now?

Princess Peach

Princess Peach

I was suggested by a friend to do a counter illustration featuring Daisy eating a daisy. Maybe I'll do it one day. >_>