Mansion Boutique

I am posting to announce that after several days of strife, I've managed to set up an online store on this website! Welcome, everybody, to the Mansion Boutique! Here I will be selling all the stuff that I'd been selling at conventions, including prints, buttons, bookmarks, and of course, books! Including the elusive Something Colorful artbook that I had worked on last year, featuring the work of me and eight other artists!

And speaking of conventions, this weekend is Otakon 2008 in Baltimore, MD, and I will be there! If you're going, look for me in the artist alley at Table C5. :3 COMMENT IF YOU'RE GOING!

Aaannd that's all I have to say for now?


Argh, this is my favorite print of yours! XD I need like, five. Make it into a Wii-shaped sticker, actually.

I'm going. I decided when I read that you were. hahaha. Oh, my creepy stalker self.

I'm commenting, but I'm not going! D: You are awesome but I still can't justify hopping on an international flight.

Argh~ Just thought I ought to mention that I love the new layout. It also brings out the perspective in the picture, which looked more flat in the previous layout (Maybe it only didn't look as pretty 'cause I also have a small screen). :D;;