Back from Otakon

It's actually been nearly a week, but I'm back from Otakon! :Db It's probably a little late now, but welcome everybody who came here through my business card! I'll hopefully be updating this thing often enough to make it worth your while.

Haven't been doing too much since coming back from the convention, but I did finally finish streamlining my layout over at Directions of Destiny. For the past several months half the site was still using the old layout, so those have finally been updated! @w@ Also the main page was changed around a bit too, with a new little module for Donations!

Originally I was planning for the Donations module to actually be another Project Wonderful ad, because the one at the bottom doesn't get too many hits, but then I realized that lol maybe it'd get more hits if I ACTUALLY UPDATED THE COMIC!! So instead I put donations, because secretly when I start updating the comic more regularly I want to start doing that Donations Meter thing that a lot of other webcomics do. :D()

Another thing I added to the front page was a link to the Alatus "official school website," but I'll save that rant for a later entry. :3

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I -love- that you added in the donation thing :) Used it right away too! And once i actually have more money after having gone to otakon, i'll be sure to donate more to you and your awesome works!