December 2006

Maybe I shouldn't be riding bikes anymore 9_9

Aw, man, super lame, guys, so the last entry I posted here in LiveJournal totally did NOT GET IMPORTED to my Facebook account when I first wrote it, right?? So I went ahead and copied and pasted it over, but then like the day after I did that the entry magically appeared on there in its imported form, except oh wait too bad people already commented on the imposter entry I had pasted in its stead. +_+ What should I doooo?? Delete the imported AUTHENTIC entry and keep the FAKE entry, or delete that entry instead with the comments that I'll never really care to read for a second time??

Yes, apparently these are the greatest concerns of the moment in my life. 9_9 Don't bother answering the question; it was basically rhetorical, and I'll probably just delete the fake entry after enough time has passed for the people who had commented earlier to forget that they had commented, and thus not realize that their comments had been deleted. ;o

Anyway! Today David and I took a field trip!

Police Station!


The photos in this entry are for the most part not related

Obaa-chan and Hisashi
On Thursdays I have English lessons with Namioka Hisashi, a dentist who happens to be, like, the second-in-command priest of the Buddhist Temple I'm residing at (that's him to the right of obaa-chan); the first-in-command being his sister-in-law, Hibino Ikuko. (I-I really don't know the proper titles. 9_9) Since I'm pretty much living in their annex apartment free of rent (only having to pay for utilities and insurance), these English lessons (along with my temple-cleaning duties) are supposed to make up for it. I never felt like I'm adequate as an English teacher to him though; certainly not enough to pay for what would otherwise be at least $700 worth of rent.