February 2006


Teehee, I like Ranulf.

So I'm almost done with a sketchbook and should probably be getting a new one in the near near future (there are like 3 pages left XO), so I figured I may as well take this time to scan all the sketches that are in there, as well as in the sketchbook BEFORE this one x_X. It would've been so much easier if I scanned them as I did them rather than leaving them all for now, but whenever I draw something in there I always think that I'll eventually refine and finish them. 9_9 Oh well, that never works out. Also, the sketchbook is a tad too big for my scanner so I have to actually go and edit the picture a little after I scan it because a good chunk of the side sections end up a little darker. =_= Next time I'll get a smaller sketchbook >_>. Whatever, enough rambling!