Teehee, I like Ranulf.

So I'm almost done with a sketchbook and should probably be getting a new one in the near near future (there are like 3 pages left XO), so I figured I may as well take this time to scan all the sketches that are in there, as well as in the sketchbook BEFORE this one x_X. It would've been so much easier if I scanned them as I did them rather than leaving them all for now, but whenever I draw something in there I always think that I'll eventually refine and finish them. 9_9 Oh well, that never works out. Also, the sketchbook is a tad too big for my scanner so I have to actually go and edit the picture a little after I scan it because a good chunk of the side sections end up a little darker. =_= Next time I'll get a smaller sketchbook >_>. Whatever, enough rambling!

Ha ha, Ichigo and Rukia from Bleach. This used to be a picture of some random
guy but I changed it around and transformed it into Ichigo and stuck Rukia in there
for good measure. ;D()

Princess Peach! I had high hopes for this one. Oh well.

Movie Utena and Anthy. Also had high hopes. Maybe I'll actually finish this one
day though since I have so much love for Utena yet so little fan art. :(

Ashley and Anastasia from Wild ARMS 2!!! I loved that game, back in the day.
Too bad you can't tell what's going on in this sketch at ALL. 9_9

lawl sailor moon

Some chick, some other chick, and Vyse from Skies of Arcadia, who has a very
gay outfit. These were all on separate pages. :D()

Hey, it's Peach again! And a turnip. Guess what I was playing! :)() I might finish
this one, one day.

Link, because my friend asked me to. Maybe I'll finish this for her birthday, or
something. (This was coloured while on a train in Japan, back in June of last year!
But I first sketched out the picture long before that. ;o Yeah, these sketches are oollld.)

lawl, Azalea x Magnolia (of Lapis Aquae!).

Ryan Winchester! Admittedly, the sole reason I drew this picture was because
I wanted to draw some ass.

Libelle Phrotus! Admittedly, the sole reason I drew this picture was because I
wanted to draw some panty and garter. I am not ashamed!!

Cliff and Magnolia from Lapis Aquae.

Cliff and Evan from Lapis Aquae.

Assorted sketches of Ai Ling and Clarice from Lapis Aquae. Yeah, I'll get back to
work on that one of these days, when I figure out the rest of the script. =_=()()

Hyo, the White Tiger from Section 1.2 Directions of Destiny. :3 I-I think this might
be the first concept sketch of him. (The chapter was started February of last year.)
Like I said, oolld. :D()

Flere, Azalea's summoning entity. I was playing around with adding crap to his
design, but I just went back with his original design. ;o

KOS-MOS, from Xenosaga Episode I! Well, a very unaccessorized KOS-MOS--
I didn't have a reference so I don't remember all the details of her costume. :D()
Confession: despite fanboying Xenosaga with various friends of mine, I have yet
to play either episode of the series, for lack of PS2. :(

Rue x Mytho!! Princess Tutu fan art ;D

Fakir x Mytho!! I really do want to finish these last two eventually.

Ugly picture of Kraehe :( It used to be okay, until I tried to ink it, and then
it was all over. Hey, this is circa Anime Expo 2005! We're progressing along nicely.

And here's Princess tutu herself!! :O

Anthy and Akio. Oh man, Akio. <333

Annnd two doodles of Zephan complete this sketchbook!! @_@
And now, moving onward to the next sketchbook~~~

She says, "How do you do?"

Some chick! Apparently bottom cleavage is "in".

Various sketches of people. ;o

Who could this be??

Shrug, don't know her!!

! Hi, Chrystelle.

! Hello, Claudia.

Some Zephan heads.

Douglas and Luka, just chillin'. I think Douglas was supposed to be holding
something, but I got lazy and just didn't draw his hands. Whoops!

Some random boys--nobody in particular, just a bit of light homoerotica. :D

Another random boy, who seemingly appears to be shirtless?? o_o!

Now, who might you be, young lady?

And who's your friend??

I was in the mood to draw some really lanky skinny guys!!

Hey, uh, Mister. Your outfit looks a bit, um... gay.

Professor Illyana Viktorova and Libelle Phrotus--they're love rivals! Teehee.

Ranullffff :DDDDDD I do believe this was my first sketch of him >3

It's supposed to be Ranulf and Ike, but that doesn't look very much like Ike at all.
Oh well. OTP lawl!

Hey, it's you girls again.

This had potential for a panty shot. Sigh! What could've been.

Some Azalea heads.

Libelle Phrotus, standing. Oh look who got lazy at the hands again. 9_9()()() (I actually
don't hold any animosity toward hands though. Just clarifyin'!)

Flere! With not much neck. :X

People! You! Don't! Know!

Directions of Destiny Magnolia!

Gasp! Magnolia, you really let your hair loose, huh?

Weird picture of Evelyn. :\ She's supposed to be hot >O

Seravy and Dorothy OTP!!!!! From Akazukin Chacha! :DDDD Oh man, I do love that
show--I need to get back to watching more episodes of it one of these days. XO

Chacha! But kinda weird-looking. :(

Some more heads. Luka looks pretty clueless here. ;D

Plaid pants! Plus some guy.

Douglas, Zerstörer style. :D

! Your run-of-the-mill long-haired prettyboy psychopath?? Yes, please!

I. Don't think I've named this character yet. 6_6()()() I think I actually did come up with
a name for him once, but I didn't write it down, apparently. XO fkl;fsadkfha;

I either drew it for the hair or for the boobs. Probably the hair since the boobs are looking
pretty incomplete, but I distinctly remember thinking to myself "BOOBS" when I started
drawing this? Sigh :( (Also, her boobs are totally supposed to be a D-cup, but this picture
makes them look like a weaksaucy B or something! Tch.)

And I'm pretty sure I went into this with the intention of drawing a really curvy Azalea here
but it didn't turn out nearly as hot as I would've liked. THINGS NEVER GO MY WAY!!!!
::runs up leaving a stream of tears::

Libelle again. Mmm high socks.

Cato, who used to be just a simple cow-boy, but in this iteration he's a cow-tiger-boy? He
must've been born on the cusp of the Year of the Ox and Year of the Tiger. ;o I was
considering having him as the site mascot for Slime Mansion, sorta, if I ever did a layout
that makes the site look more like an art site rather than a LOOK CUTE THINGS TEEHEE
site. :D() (It always ends up like that regardless of how I start a site layout though. _-_)

HI I'M DAISY!!!!!!!!!!!

Magnolia, and what was going to be more of Azalea's head.

So uh. Zephan's gonna be using axes from now on. No objections? Good.

Libelle with a rapier! ...I admit, I copied the pose from Eirika's battle stance from
Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. SHHHHH!

AXE'd!!! (Don't make fun of my inability to draw action poses prease :X)

Weird-looking Utena.

Evan, from Lapis Aquae! You know how some artists make even the lips on guys' a shade
darker? (Usually you only see girls' lips shaded darker, when they're wearing lipsticks
especially.) And how said artists make it work, i.e. you can still tell they're guys? Well,
I kinda shaded Evan's lips here. And uh. He doesn't look like a guy anymore. ;( Anyway,
the lip-shading barely showed in the scan so I guess it's okay. :)()!

Directions of Destiny character! His name is Rolf. He's a Weapon student--he wields
lances! And he also makes weapons--blacksmithing and such. Aaannnnd he's probably
gay. Don't expect him until, oh, Unit 9 or 10? Aheheh. 6_6()

It's Percival! We just saw him in the comic, no? :D This was the preliminary design for
his tortoise form, drawn in a Starbucks where I had no tortoise references. :D() I ditched
having Spades on every section of his shell--instead I think there's just the Spade on
the back of the snake, and another big Spade in the top middle of his shell (although I
don't think you'll ever get to see that, but it's good to know??).

Sebastian has this thing. Where he's always drinking coffee. Unfortunately he hasn't
done that in the comic itself yet. :x

Claudia, your keychain is ugly. ;( Somebody tell me how to make a cool keychain >O!

Douglas and _______! I always have such an issue with drawing Douglas--I mean, when
I designed him I wanted him to look funky, but in spite of that, I also want him to generally
attractive, or at least not completely repelling. Sooo yeah. This sketch might look
a little different from other drawings of him, because I was trying to make him hot. :X

...but before you leave, here are some sketches I did outside my sketchbook. :o

A picture of Mei and IBKOD drawn for somebody who donated money to me :D!
Th-the picture's still sitting here, waiting to be mailed. >_____>

Another picture for somebody who donated! Ryan's cooking something...? This one's also
waiting to be mailed. :D()

Evelyn, for another kindly donator! This person didn't give an address so I just sent it to
her e-mail. ;O

Semi-realistic Zephan!

Creepy-looking Douglas!! I tried really hard to make him hot in this one but I failed! D:

Another attempt at realistic-ish Douglas. I don't think it's TOO ugly, but still not
particularly hot. :( ...ANNNNNND we're done?? O__O