When I get caught up with my 9-pages-a-week schedule (I'm, like, three days behind _-_), Laura and I are going to celebrate by eating at a semi-expensive restaurant, even though we won't be able to pay for it! (We've got many celebrations involving semi-expensive restaurants planned. None of which involve telling my mum about it. ;D)

I'll probably have to do a bit of shopping for some long-sleeved shirts (there's a surprisingly small number of them in my possesion...) and a warm heavy coat in the near future as well. (BTW thanks to everybody who gave me input on what to wear for Japan! :D) Mum doesn't want to go shopping for them yet though, because we won't know if I'm accepted until early-to-mid April. But too bad it's southern California where it's hard enough to come across a good coat even in winter, let alone halfway through spring, and if I don't manage to get coat with a fur-trimmed collar, I-. I just won't know what to do with myself XO!!!!!!!!

...Umm I agree with Rachel on the notion that the cast of Final Fantasy XII look like they all belong in gay porn. (The chicks would be the supporting lesbian characters.) Vaan makes me uncomfortable just looking at him (and I don't mean that in a good way), Balflear wears sandals?? and fruit-loop jewellery, Larsa is jailbait, period. And I can't tell whether Ashe or Penelo is the man in their illicit relationship because they're both pretty dykey; versatile?? On that note, why have Final Fantasy character designs lately been so...offensive? o_o() It started out with FF9 just being weird, but not so weird in the same way as FFX, where I wanted to stab my eye out when I first saw Tidus' costume; I'm told that the designs get more tolerable after you play through the game and either like the characters enough to forgive the, uh, unconventional outfits, or you just get used to it? _-_()

Speaking of which, on a whim I bought a new copy of Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter from eBay. Did I mention I used to have Breath of Fire III, but I gave it to Rachel and forgot about it and flipped out one day about not being able to find it, only to have her inform me that it was in her possession when I went to whine about it to her? Heehee, that was cool. So I ended up buying both III and IV off eBay. And now I've got V as well, yay! (I don't plan on getting I or II though, because they don't count. ;o) I don't know why I feel such loyalty to the series! Well, besides III being my first RPG, next to Super Mario RPG. And the series having some of the gorgeous art ever O_O!! (IV and after only; this includes the redone cover art for I, II and III. :3) Unngghgh I lurrrve it so muchhh >3<!

Oh, uh, anyway, Dragon Quarter is for Playstation 2. which I don't have. ;D()() So now that makes three PS2 games in my possession (the other two being FFX and Katamari Damacy), which I'll never be able to play because it's too late to get a PS2 but PS3 is going to cost 50 bajillion dollars!! :< (I actually have a pretty big list of PS2 games I plan to buy if I do get a PS3 though. Not that I'll have the money for any of it.)

I saved this entry as a draft in Semagic last night thinking I might have something more worthwhile to type today. It turns out I didn't.