Regrets and Non-regrets WOOOOOOO

Just a list of things I kind of regret doing! ;D (Surprisingly free of emo and angst, if you're afraid of that kind of stuff!)


  • Taking Greyhound and Amtrak on my road trip two summers back!! It was... horrible. I mean, yeah I saved money on travel expenses, but looking back I really think paying the extra fees for the airfare would've been far more worth my time. :x Stinky on-bus toilets, stops in the middle of the night, unpleasant passengers, LAY-OVERS UP THE WAZOO... I-It also seems like ever since sitting in 80-some hours of Greyhounds and Amtraks that were constantly delayed, my head has been perpetually...itchier...than before. OH GOD I HOPE I'M JUST MAKING THIS UP. Maybe one of these days I should get my scalp checked or something. :< (I don't think I've got lice >:O)

  • Joining WirePop last year, and subsequently indiscreetly ditching them a few months later. :X It was so unnecessary!! My original intent was to get noticed by a big publisher, except, like, a month after I joined I decided I'd rather not get published by a third party since it's waaaaaay less profitable that way. So that pretty much rendered my whole existence on their line-up kind of moot since I would never pay just to read a comic on the internet. _-_()

  • Not finishing more pages of my comic last year >:o! For all the times I've patted myself on the back for finishing my scheduled 8/9 pages a week over the past month, I'm also punching myself in the stomach repeatedly for even having to BE in such a situation in the first place!! Ooohhhh somebody be my bitch-slave/assistant prease _-_

  • Avoiding my tablet for so long! O_O I've had one for several years now but it wasn't mid-way last year that I actually started to actively use it?? And now all these kids three years younger than me are kicking my ass at arting and I'm just all Durrrrrr. ::SHAKES FIST::

  • Car accidents! XD() The first one was four years ago, when , Devon and I decided to go to Rite Aid in the middle of the night for, like... cosplay supplies??? I forget! (It would've been more worth our time if we got ice cream instead if that were the case! >:O) But I did some crazy maneuvers backing out of my driveway which ultimately lead to backing up into this beat-up old brown truck that was parked outside our driveway. And it left a nasty bruise on the back of my '91 Integra. :< And it's the ONLY bruise on my poor car in its ENTIRE EXISTENCE. (Well, save for the one my mom and dad made when they kind of. drove into each other O_O()()(). (Yeah, we're Asian, shut up.) But that one was fixed.) So uhh. Good times. Oh, not to mention the time I backed into a NEW CAR at the car dealership. XD()()() It left a dent and we had to pay like $500 for it, but at least my car was okay that time?? Man, me and backing up. 6_6 Basically, car accidents = costly, and not very vital towards the development of my character!

  • Not getting a PS2 ;(

  • F-falling in love?? Or faux-love. :D() Granted, the whole experience was pretty laaaaame, especially considering I pretty much didn't draw at all during that period, and it's one of those things where if I time-traveled back to sophomore year of high school, I would gladly crack a baseball bat upside my own head. But at the same time I guess it was also kind of necessary for the sole purpose of just knowing that relationships do, in fact, suck, and being single and independent leads to a much more productive lifestyle. WHOAAAA I sound like a dyke.

  • On a somewhat similar but categorically different note, my illicit pubescent online relationship with back in middle school, lawl. I had a Pokemon website, she posted on my forums; it was magic. But then, like, a year later we were both all, "Uhh ha ha this is kind of lame. ...Let's just be friends?" And that was that! XD() Now Tina is my faaaavourite editor. Smooches <3~

  • Investing my time and money into applying to the UCs, GOING to one for two weeks, and then promptly making my withdrawal! ...Yeah, I'm sure my whole family would've preferred if that didn't happen (particularly for the financial disaster that caused), and while I would say the same, at the same time it's also an experience that was probably good to have just so I don't have to think "Man, how GREAT it would be if I had only gone to UC_______" or whatever.

Wooo that was fun! SHARE YOUR REGRETS WITH ME! ;D (But save the heavy stuff--I don't want to hear about your wangst >:o!!!)