You could have it so much better!


Three hours before my last final (Accounting!) and I'm still up doing god-knows-what. (By which I mean, studying, perhaps?)

To continue the saga of Hans Loses Stuff...well, no, I shouldn't say that because that implies that I lost more stuff, which is NOT THE CASE! So, just, continuing from where I left off: I had gone shopping around for a replacement stylus right after I realized I had lost mine, and had bought the $60 one from, which unfortunately was the cheapest offer I could find--I guess it normally costs $70 and up, with shipping--


Speaking of which, because I've been such an Amazon whore, I had stumbled upon a free three-month trial of Amazon PRIME, which is their membership program that lets you get free two-day shipping! And I know that this is all a scam to get me to spend more money on stuff that I otherwise wouldn't buy if not for the fact that I'm getting free (quicker) shipping, but I'm convinced that the stuff I'm buying are stuff that I would've bought ANYWAY.

Right, moving onwards, I looked around some more and came upon the 4x5 Graphire4 tablet for $80! Just a little more than the stylus. =_= The tablet I have is the 6x8 Intuos2, which is an older model, but generally superior, I guess, so I wasn't necessarily regretting not spending an extra $20 just getting a new, more portable albeit lower-end tablet. But I took a look at the page for the Graphire4 tablet anyway, just to, you know, browse around...when I saw that New and Used quantities available from $27! Of course I expected it to be some cheap, beaten up model that a one-star seller was trying to get rid of, but I clicked through the link anyway, and--ohmygod. NEW Graphire4 tablets being sold at over $60 discount from several reputable sellers!

Long story short, I also bought a Graphire4 tablet in addition to my Intuos2 stylus replacement. ...BUT BEFORE YOU GIVE ME THAT LOOK, here's what I figure: with a notebook PC now, I'm probably going to be taking my tablet many, many places. (That's how I lost the stylus in the first place; because I didn't zip up my backpack properly. ¬_¬) A 6x8 Intuos2 tablet is a) big, b) expensive. So if I'm going to be carrying a tablet around, it may as well be be more portable, and easier to replace should I ever submit to dumbassery again and lose another stylus. YOU SEE, I THOUGHT THINGS OUT.

...But actually, my story's not done yet!

A few days ago I was telling my friend about what an awesome deal I was getting for my new tablet (while they scoffed at my spendthrift habits, the prat), so I decided to show them the Graphire4 for them to see for themselves the amazing savings--except wait-a-second. The tablet's being sold at, like, $88. Furthermore, none of other sellers were selling it for any less than $80...?!

Basically I chose the most convenient time to go on a mad panic through the internets for a new tablet, and this pretty much redeems all the extra spending I've been doing lately. The en--

NO WAIT! Also a few days ago, the seller of the tablet had sent me a confirmation that the tablet was shipped. That's coo', I thought. I'd be getting my stylus before that anyway so it's not like I'll be left hanging while waiting for the tablet to arrive. ...But JUST NOW, I got another e-mail saying that my tablet's shipped...again??

I open up the e-mail, and it turns out that they had accidentally sent only a Graphire4 stylus to me. This time they were going to get it right and send the whole tablet package to me. And by the whole package, I mean, "The good news is now you will have an extra Silver Pen at no additional cost!"


::sits back in his chair and crosses his legs::