March 2009

Dairy Products

For our first real project in my Digital Illustration class, we were to choose a subject and create a circular emblem of sorts for it in black and white using Illustrator. Examples for subjects included things like sports, dance, hobbies, people, etc. etc. I chose to do mine on dairy products. :B

Dairy Products

This was pretty much my first serious attempt at doing stuff in Illustrator outside of the Slime Mansion logo I did before, so a lot of time was spent fudging around, but basically I became very familiar with the Blend Tool while working with this project @_@ Although I haven't really used it again; it's good for black-and-white stuff, but the next project we did was in color, so I became best friends with a different tool for that one, which I'll post here eeeveentuaallyyyy!

Slime Mansion Logo

This semester I'm taking a Digital Illustration class where, for the first time ever, I'm learning Adobe Illustrator! O_O Vector stuff had always intimidated me because I never really gave it a shot before (and I didn't have Illustrator or any other vector-producing programs), so a lot of things I've done in the past that could've been better if it were in vectors were instead done by hand and Photoshop.

That being said, one of the first things I did when I learned the basics of Illustrator was a vectorized version of the Slime Mansion logo. 8D

Slime Mansion

Go ahead. Keep zooming in. 8) And just for reference, here's the old raster version of the logo:

Slime Mansion

...It's not such a HUUGE difference really, but at the time I felt really proud of myself? :D() I've since gotten a better grip of Illustrator, and while I'm not QUITE dying to vectorize everything in my life just yet, I AM pretty excited by the possibility of blowing images up to dimensions of several feet and relishing the razor-smooth edges of my lovely lovely vectors. :B We've had two projects so far using Illustrator with a third due in a couple of weeks, so I'll post those up in the near future!

Rupert's Adventures in the Outside World

December saw the end of my class in Elements of Sequential Art with Christian Hill, and all in all I think I learned a lot! :B If anything it's gotten me to think more critically about more aspects of my comic, as well as looking at the comic as a whole to see the bigger picture. It was a hectic semester though because we spent the bulk of the semester with the Herakles project, leaving just a few weeks for our final project. Shamefully, I had to turn my project a few weeks after the semester was over, but I had fun doing it nonetheless?

Anyway, once again the comic is about my cat Rupert, this time setting off into the outside world on an adventure! More than anything I wanted to play around with actually using color in comics and seeing how that's like. It definitely adds a different dimension to the work process compared to working in black and white, and I'd definitely like to do more! :B ONTO THE COMIC!

Rupert's Adventure

H-he actually didn't used to do this kind of stuff, but lately he takes every opportunity he can to slip by us into the backyard to play. XO He hasn't figured out how to jump the walls yet, but aahhhh I'll die if he ever does. @__@

Oh, and there's a new Comics box on the front page now which contains some of my old short comic work, including "The Little Match Girl" which was published in TokyoPop's first Rising Stars of Manga anthology, and "Raven" which was published in an independent anthology of comics about robots! Check them out if you'd like, even though I'm severely embarrassed by them now. >_>



This was a picture done back in July 2008 which I finally got around to putting up on the site. :B It's the Star Fox gang as seen in Smash Bros. Brawl. I was always a fan of playing as Falco in Melee (even though I'm kind of terrible at it), but I'm finding that I like playing Wolf a lot better this time around??

In hindsight there's maybe a little too much purple going on in this picture. owell :X

Pokes Head Out?

WOO hey guys I expanded the boxes to the right to SIX instead of just three so I can display more stuff and lah lah lah yeah it's past 4AM right now so I don't want to explain it right now, just look around and figure it out yourselves!!!!!!