Rupert's Adventures in the Outside World

December saw the end of my class in Elements of Sequential Art with Christian Hill, and all in all I think I learned a lot! :B If anything it's gotten me to think more critically about more aspects of my comic, as well as looking at the comic as a whole to see the bigger picture. It was a hectic semester though because we spent the bulk of the semester with the Herakles project, leaving just a few weeks for our final project. Shamefully, I had to turn my project a few weeks after the semester was over, but I had fun doing it nonetheless?

Anyway, once again the comic is about my cat Rupert, this time setting off into the outside world on an adventure! More than anything I wanted to play around with actually using color in comics and seeing how that's like. It definitely adds a different dimension to the work process compared to working in black and white, and I'd definitely like to do more! :B ONTO THE COMIC!

Rupert's Adventure

H-he actually didn't used to do this kind of stuff, but lately he takes every opportunity he can to slip by us into the backyard to play. XO He hasn't figured out how to jump the walls yet, but aahhhh I'll die if he ever does. @__@

Oh, and there's a new Comics box on the front page now which contains some of my old short comic work, including "The Little Match Girl" which was published in TokyoPop's first Rising Stars of Manga anthology, and "Raven" which was published in an independent anthology of comics about robots! Check them out if you'd like, even though I'm severely embarrassed by them now. >_>

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I love anthropomorphic Rupert! His white eyebrows and plaid socks...

Also your consectutive art style has really matured. It makes his adventure seem like some epic quest! Good to see you can still draw for you every now and then.

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