Pokes Head Out?

WOO hey guys I expanded the boxes to the right to SIX instead of just three so I can display more stuff and lah lah lah yeah it's past 4AM right now so I don't want to explain it right now, just look around and figure it out yourselves!!!!!!


Oooh! More things to click!
Glad to see you're still alive and kicking Hans!! :D

Woo! Glad to see you're alive and kicking!! :D:D

I can't believe I still come here. Damn you Hans. Damn you for making me care about you.

C'mon man. Tell me you can do more than incremental design updates once in a while. I dare you to do something that can impress the hell out of me. Do something that is beautiful, original and aspires to greatness. Something EPIC. Shoot for the fucking stars.

Damn you Hans. Damn you for making me care so much about you.

Oh, and I don't think my comments are appearing.

Disregard last comment. Browser acting funny. I suck cocks

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