In my comics class we're doing a class project, a sort of anthology where we each draw a part of a complete graphic novel of an alternate retelling of the Greek myth of Hercules (or more accurately Greek, Herakles?). We're basing the story directly off the original legend where Herakles killed his own family and set off on the twelve labors and stuff, so it's definitely not Disney, and it's definitely definitely not Kevin Sorbo. But since the original legend made Herakles out to seem kind of like a stupid jock, we're also trying to inject some relatability in him by exploring his psyche?

Anyway, for the past several weeks we'd been going back and forth regarding the character designs, and eventually it ended up being me and two other people working on combining everybody's suggestions into a single design. Another guy in the group did the final bodies, but I got to take charge of the heads and the costume drawings, which is all I ever really cared about because by Jove, I want Herakles to be a hot bara superstar >8(!!


As a bonus, this was one of my takes on a potential Hera design. My first designs (which I don't have on hand) had this funky hairdo that some people liked, so for this one I kind of went all out with a more outlandish concept, where there'd be eyes on her headwings that would mimic her current facial expression. Half the class liked the idea, but other people shied away from it because they weren't confident in their wing-drawing abilities. Personally I'm sorta ambivalent about this design anyway, because the headwings seem a little too close to the Darkstalkers Morrigan concept for my liking. :<a owell.

Incidentally, the artist who does the art for the Anime Expo brochures, Zelda Wang, is also in my class :D She lead the team who did the final Hera design.


I like your version of Hera. It wasn't how I pictured her to look, but I like it.

Thats a really nice design of Hera.

Hihi ^^ .. It's been a while since I've been on your site! I've been a viewer since probably as long as I could remember o-o;; back in the day.. @.@ .. it's crazy to see how much your artwork has improved ^-^ ! .. I still have your first book for Directions of Destiny too x3 .. in any case.. keep up the good work. I hope school is going well for you! I know you will do many great things :]