Art 367

So an update on school, the previously mentioned financial aid fiasco has been sorta resolved, except I did end up getting a lot less grants this semester because of how late everything got processed, so meh :[ But anyway!!

This semester I'm taking a Sequential Art class! *_* There've only been three sessions so far, but it's very interesting and exciting, and the professor is amazing as well! He explains things very clearly, and his lectures are like a narrative in that you sort of get this feel that there are plot devices like foreshadowing and thematic overtones going on, and stuff that he hints at in the very first lecture eventually comes full circle in a later lecture. I'm looking forward to getting better at comics through this class!

Anyway, our first homework assignment was to do a two-page comic about an autobiographical incident, so um, I've included that in this entry for those of you who are interested. :D



Clearly my obsession with my cat is not unhealthy at all!


haha, that comic is absolutely amazing -heart- certainly gave me a good laugh :3

hahaha, It's funny 'cuz it's true. oh... and now it doesn't seem so funny... you poor soul.

Heh, at least he doesn't use your laundry as his litterbox, eh? That's one bright side, sort of... >.>;
But hey, a little "completely healthy" cat obsession never hurt anyone. ^^ ...Except possibly you when the cat takes up your entire queen-sized bed, somehow... >

Love your art, especially on DoD. I really admire your panel layouts, and your gorgeous characters. Not to mention the wonders you did with the characters' personalities. ^^

You rule. Keep at it, dude. *insert thumbs up here*

freaking adorable.

I'd go crazy if I had to do that with my sisters cats. ^^