Hey, check it out! I got interviewed at Animenewsnetwork! Evan, the guy who interviewed me, was somebody I'd met at Otakon this year. I had gotten interviewed a few times in the past, but I'm still a bumbling mess. Fortunately Evan managed to make sense of it and translate it into a coherent article.

One thing that readers might get confused about is him saying that I'd been reworking Directions of Destiny since printing the first volume--it doesn't mean what you think it means!! I'M NOT REDOING THE FIRST BOOK AGAIN I SWEARS! I just meant that I'd been reworking future chapters of the comic that I had previously planned in my head before, and also fleshing out the details of the overall plot. So that's why I'm finally starting Unit 2, because I feel more comfortable with where the story is going now. :D