New layout!


And now, sleep!

Woo yes!

Okok. I spent like the past bajillion hours setting up a retarded layout for my art archives so that it's a slight step up from the plain index directories I had before, yet still easier to manage* than the full-on layout I had for it several months back (*where "easier to manage" means "I don't have to do anything but upload the file").

Solike, basically I was trying to do the index directories, but with an actual layout around it, so I was trying different ways of doing it so that I'd have the layout HTML around the index directories, when finally I came across a FAQ on using the .htaccess file which actually lets you do exactly that! (Since you all care :D)

Anyway, I also reorganized the files a bit too, sticking the more embarrassing pictures into the junk folders, recategorizing things, etc. etc. So uh. Yeah! Prettycool.




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