Woo yes!

Okok. I spent like the past bajillion hours setting up a retarded layout for my art archives so that it's a slight step up from the plain index directories I had before, yet still easier to manage* than the full-on layout I had for it several months back (*where "easier to manage" means "I don't have to do anything but upload the file").

Solike, basically I was trying to do the index directories, but with an actual layout around it, so I was trying different ways of doing it so that I'd have the layout HTML around the index directories, when finally I came across a FAQ on using the .htaccess file which actually lets you do exactly that! (Since you all care :D)

Anyway, I also reorganized the files a bit too, sticking the more embarrassing pictures into the junk folders, recategorizing things, etc. etc. So uh. Yeah! Prettycool.


Did you notice that you style changed over the years? Comparing your pitures from now and a few differnt.

Awesome. I'd never do any of that. *lazyass*

cool! u know i try doin all that stuff but its too difficult for me and i tend to get lazy to learn all this stuff.........i tried and tried but i was just to lazy >.