King Zephaniah

King Zephaniah

I feel like I have all these Internet outlets at my disposal, yet I've failed to make effective use of any of them. D: I guess I rarely feel like I have things worth saying, but with Facebook and Twitter and this whole brave new world beyond LiveJournal these days, I feel like it's such a waste to not use them!! SO, now I'm trying to update my presence on the Internet more?

Anyway, a long long time ago I did this picture, and so finally this past summer I gave it a partner illustration :D This was already posted in some other outlets, including as part of the main art gallery on this site, but I thought I'd make a blog entry about it anyway Dx

Truth be told, I had actually put a piece of tracing paper over the original Queen Azalea illustration to do a lot of the detail work in this one, but I tried to give this one a more earthy feel, and where places in the Queen Azalea one were more clean, I tried to mess it up just a bit in this Zephan version.Their color schemes, red and green, are complements too.

I plan on using this image as the cover of chapter 2.7 when I finally get around to doing the actual comic again, but who knows, maybe I'll change my mind about what to put there when that time comes, ha ha Dx

I'm saying it here, I'm going to try to update at least once a week from now on!!

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haha Woot!

I always thought the King Zephaniah was a bit more blue than green, but either way, the contrast is wonderful. I love juxtaposing the two just to better see the profound difference :D

Just wanted to say, I love the new layout for Slime Mansion :) A bit pinkish, but very cute and definitely easier to navigate =)

And even if updates aren't necessarily continuing for now ( :'( ), it's great that you'll be posting--anything--more :D

Also, just curious, did you read Brave New World or was the pun in the post above unintentional? Or was it not meant to be an allusion/pun? >.

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