New layout!

Hans D:

It's been a while since I updated but I thought it was about high time that I did something about the layout of this site D: I was getting sick of the blue, and the site organization was getting in my nerves too. I hope with this layout everything is more accessible and easier in the eyes :D

Also you may notice that I now have art categories specifically for visual development and vector graphics now! Between classes and my job on Graphic Services on campus, I've been doing a lot more of these kinds of art lately, so I figured they deserve their own categories now!

I think most sections work properly, although I still have to put up a lot of my old art back up on the art gallery, and the store is still not up at all, and I haven't finished my profile at all ha ha Dx. I'm also still planning on fixing up a lot of the current art here though so check back every now and then to see if anything is new :'D

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I reallyreally like it! It's very sleek, modern and easy on the eyes. Can't wait to see more artwork (:

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