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New layout!

Hans D:

It's been a while since I updated but I thought it was about high time that I did something about the layout of this site D: I was getting sick of the blue, and the site organization was getting in my nerves too. I hope with this layout everything is more accessible and easier in the eyes :D

Also you may notice that I now have art categories specifically for visual development and vector graphics now! Between classes and my job on Graphic Services on campus, I've been doing a lot more of these kinds of art lately, so I figured they deserve their own categories now!

I think most sections work properly, although I still have to put up a lot of my old art back up on the art gallery, and the store is still not up at all, and I haven't finished my profile at all ha ha Dx. I'm also still planning on fixing up a lot of the current art here though so check back every now and then to see if anything is new :'D

New layout

As you may have noticed, I've managed to put up a new layout for this site like I said I would in the last entry! I hope that it makes it much easier to get around and more visually appealing for you. :D Also like I said, with this big ol' blog space on the front page, I plan to update more often throughout this year with various sketches and art and stuff related to the comic as I flesh out the script for the rest of the story. Please check back every now and then if you're interested!

As a bonus, here's the line-art for the two header character art I've done so far. Instead of using a pen to ink the line-art, I drew the sketch in blue pencil and "inked" it with pencil, and so I like the nice softer effect it leaves? I plan to add header art for the rest of the characcters too in my spare time.

A lot of things were going a little haywire in the background over the last few days as I was putting this up, but I think most things should be working properly now? If you find anything that doesn't work, please comment in this entry to let me know about it, or if you have any suggestions you should leave a note as well :>