Fan Art!

Mother 3Done with finals, passed all my classes, and I just got back from a wonderful weekend at Fanime in San Jose! Now it's back to work for me :> Inbetween the Directions of Destiny stuff, I thought I'd put on the blog some of the fan art I've done over the last year that I hadn't put on the blog yet (even though they're technically on the website ha ha D:)

This is fan art of Mother 3! If you've played Earthbound on SNES, this is the sequel! Y'all should play it if you haven't D: It was an amazing game and it made me shed tears. :') I tried to put in as many elements of the game into this illustration without being too revealing.

Incidentally, the linework was originally done in pencil on paper, but then I decided to make some significant changes so I ended up redoing the linework completely in Illustrator.

Mario Spring ToyThis was a class assignment where we paint a toy from our childhood into an environment. Basically I used it as an excuse to do fan art for school credit :X Does anybody remember this McDonald's toy? I don't even know where mine went D: Apparently there were other toys in this line that I didn't even know about!

For this painting I tried a technique that I saw Jeremy Vickery use in one of his speed paintings, where he basically scribbles in color and then uses a palette knife tool to blend it all together. It worked pretty well! So for this one I started doing that in Painter and then brought it into Photoshop for finishing touches.

LandmasterI had put this up in a previous entry before, but since then I touched it up a bit by making the colors and characters more bright. I also tweaked the characters' faces a little because before they used to look kind of scary!

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