So I feel better now that I have my Pokemon team figured out for my Pokemon Pearl, so I'll just pretend that everything that happened yesterday didn't actually happen; instead, I'll just pretend that I dropped a 10,000 yen bill. B-because for some reason looking at damages from a strictly numerical perspective seems to make it hurt a little less? ?/?/?

In case you were worried that I went out and got smashed in order to ESCAPE THE TROUBLES OF MY LIFE FULL OF MISFORTUNES yesterday, fear not; that last photo in the previous entry was from, like, a month ago, from one of our CSU monthly group dinners, the first two of which have been at izakaya, or Japanese drinking restaurants. Generally these nomikai are all-you-can-drink, so at the time I figured, well, if I'm GOING to be drinking here in Japan I may as well take the opportunity to try out different drinks so I know WHICH drinks I should order if I were to ever actually pay for the drinks (the group dinners are already paid for out of our study abroad tuition). But um.

...I-I guess I should confess that I totally threw up probably 10 minutes after that photo was taken. 8D() I don't think it was because of drinking too much per se though; I basically had been half-starving the whole week prior to that nomikai, and then the nomikai hit and I basically travelled to everybody's tables hoarding these GLORIOUS FRIED CHEESE BALLS to myself. So I think I probably threw up moreso because my stomach was simply holding too much STUFF inside than because I had too much alcohol specifically...?

...I-I guess I should also confess that, when I threw up, I accidentally did it, um, all over the toilet. ...in the stall of the girl's bathroom lolololol THE DOORS WERE LABELED FUNNY IT WASN'T THE NORMAL MALE/FEMALE KANJI AND THERE WEREN'T THE TRADITIONAL STICK FIGURES EITHER AND AND AND yeah I didn't realize this until after I cleaned up the toilet, stepped outside and a woman was like standing there waiting, and then looking at me with a...what was that expression she wore? Well, with a look. And yeah. I sumimasen'd myself out of there real quick. 9_9

So um. No, I don't drink very often here.


For reals.


And I totally didn't get drunk off my ass last night either.


...Unless you count being drunk off POKEMON!!!!!!

Incidentally, here are the Pokemon that will go in my final team:

Team 1: Crobat, Lanturn, Scizor, Houndoom, Breloom, Flygon

Team 2: Fuwaraido, Kaburaisu, Dorapion, Yukinooo, Jibakoiru, Erureido

Okay, so I got indecisive so I made two main teams instead. >( (I also have some other teams planned out, such as a Single-Type Team where every Pokemon is only of a single type, since my current two teams are all dual-type Pokemon; and another team of water Pokemon, plus yet another one of Genderless Pokemon.)

The thing is, I don't think I'll be able to, like, actually catch half of these Pokemon until after I complete the Shinou Pokedex?? D; Well, whatever; mom's sending me my Leaf Green and Emerald, so hopefully I'll get to transfer my some of the Pokemon I have on there over. 8) NO! I have to complete the Shinou Pokedex to transfer Pokemon from those games too!! ARGH!!

Okay, well, here's the team I'll have when I first fight the Elite Four, I guess, >(:

Team TEMPORARY: Dotaitosu, Golduck, Crobat, Rapidash, Lukario, Rentoraa

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aw man. the wrong bathroom? that sucks. i'm just starting to study japanese, but i love that you "sumimasen'd" yourself out. lol.