Hello, Hans! Today has been brought to you by STUPID and FAILURE. :D!!

Ohhh my Jesus, after writing my entry yesterday I totally had PLANS to write about all the FUN and EXCITING things I've been doing here in Japan the past month and a half, but then GOD SHAT ON ME and so I'll write about THAT instead??? T__T

So today was the day that I go to this Info Session for a English Conversation Teaching company, GABA. I was referred to it by our program associate so I figured I may as well, since I'm doing two private English tutoring sessions a week anyway and going to a professional company for this might offer me some, like, real training so that I don't give sucky lessons?? Right, well, IN ANY CASE, I couldn't find the office. Because I made a wrong turn out of the station. And I ended up running around the neighborhood for like 10 minutes trying to find the goddamn place, and it wasn't until three minutes past the time the info session started that I found it, which I'm lead to believe is kind of really horrible, especially since I SWEATED FOR LIKE FIVE MINUTES AFTER I GOT IN AND SAT DOWN AND SHARED MY GROSSNESS WITH THE WHOLE TABLE. ARRRRGHHH ::rips things into little tiny pieces::

They scheduled a second interview for me and shit, but um, I-I don't think that will make a whole lot of difference after today's embarrassment. 8( Not to mention I was late for my class this morning before the info session, and then I had to sneak out of it 15 minutes earlier to try to make it on time to the info session (WHICH I OBVIOUSLY DIDN'T LAWL), and then after the info session I had another class but I didn't have the supplies for it with me so I DIDN'T GO TO THAT CLASS AT ALL and instead went back home to nap, nap, NAP RIGHT UP TO 15 MINUTES BEFORE ONE OF MY ENGLISH LESSONS THAT HAPPENS TO BE IN SHIBUYA WHICH BTW IS 50 MINUTES AWAY BY TRAIN LOLOLOL so I called the guy all "ya sry will be 30 minutes late" but then I was like two minutes away from Shibuya when he called me (SINCE IT WAS 40 MINUTES LATE BY THEN) saying that he has an appointment later so this week's lesson will have to be cancelled!! So I figured I'll just stay on the train and ride back to my station and I won't have to pay any extra fare since I never got out of the the train righht?? But then my Suica card WOULDN'T WORK when I tried to exit the turnstiles so I asked the train attendant and (FUCK MY HONESTY) told him I had gone to Shibuya but came right back, and he was like "OH, you went to Shibuya, did you?? THAT'S 250 FUCKING YEN I'M GOING TO CHARGE YOU FOR THAT TRIP." OH YEAH, AND LET'S NOT FORGET THE SUIT I BOUGHT ON MONDAY SPECIFICALLY FOR THE INFO SESSION, WHICH I FAILED.

FUCK ME!!!!!



::slits wrists, by which he means plays Pokemon:: >(