hay guyz

Did I ever formally mention that I went to Taiwan for the past three weeks? B-because. I did!

And for the record, it was magical.

As soon as I arrived my relatives showered me with red envelopes so that I got approximately $300 worth of spending money. MONEY WELL SPENT. These days, Taiwan is basically like Japan; they're developing a rapid transit system in Taipei, and they're even building a high-speed railway with shinkansen technology that will go from one end of the island to the other in less than 90 minutes; their department stores are basically identical; the customer service is SO GODDAMN FRIENDLY that you want to burst into a cloud of sugar cubes whenever you're greeted when walking into a store. Except the difference here is that ohmygod: TAIWAN IS SO FREAKING INEXPENSIVE.

Holycrap, guys! I got several pairs of NICE jeans for less than $10? And they even adjust them for you in the store for free, so short people like me don't have to worry about buying jeans that will drag four inches past my shoes. Not to mention all the other loot I got from the country: several shirts and shorts, another pair of glasses (my third pair in the same prescription, lawl I'm vain) for $90 with the frames plus the completely-decked-out lenses (FYI, frames along cost more than that at most places in America; similar-quality glasses can set you back $200~$300 minimum here >:o), craploads of CUUUTE THINGS, a 1GB flashdrive for $20!!; at the end of the trip, I found myself in the comical situation where you have to pound your ass on top of your suitcase in order to get it closed all the way.

o ya, and I also got cosmetic surgery lolololol

...Argh, don't look at me like that! >:( Okay, here's the deal: my right eye has a double eyelid, but my left doesn't. Nobody notices it but me, but because I'm such a stickler for symmetry, it's always bugged the crap out of me, especially when I see photos of myself because it's the FIRST thing that I notice. (Although most photos I've ever put of myself online is less obvious about this because a) I wear glasses, b) I normally keep the ones that are obvious about it safely hidden. :D())

Sooo yeah. I got double eyelid surgery on my left eye.

Incidentally, the two most painful parts of the surgery was when they stuck the needle in for the anesthetic, and when they picked out the stitches five days after. ;o Well, it was also pretty painful for the few hours after the surgery when it felt like I got a FIST to my FACE (and it certainly looked like it too, larf), but now my eye is pretty happy with life, albeit still a bit swollen! (Apparently it'll take about four months before the minor swelling stops and the eyelid comes to full maturation, but I'm not complaining--it looks more symmetrical now compared to before. :D()())

Ummm everybody in Taiwan is hot wtf I hate myself but I sure do like them naked hot springs!

I wrote this one entry a while back right after my post about Pirates and Memoirs talking about how lame it is when villains do stupid shit thinking it's for the Greater Good (FF villains 6, 7, and 10), and villains who value pride more than your well-being (FF villains 8 and 9) are pretty bad-ass and awesome, but I held off on posting it because, um, I don't know. Either way, it magically disappeared from my Semagic drafts. Oh well. 6_6