Blackout since yesterday, 4:38PM.

Casualties: one beautiful fish, some food, a good night's rest.


I'm sitting here at Panera Bread and it's been about 23 hours since the electricity went out on my half of the street. Once it went out my little brother and I trucked ourselves over to Panera Bread for a few hours thinking everything would be peachy by the time we got back a few hours later. BUT NO. It was still out. So THEN my mom came back from work so we went to go out to eat again in hopes that it will turn back on after that. BUT STILL NO. T_T

So we tried making the best of the situation by taking a little stroll around the neighbourhood since it wasn't so sufferable outside the house as it is inside, when I saw the dad of one of my old high school friends pull into his driveway. So I ran up to him to greet him, and he was just like, "Oh hey," and turns around to leave. So I was a little shocked and tried to push on a conversation or something, and he's just like. "What." And I was just like, "Oh, uh, well, it's just been a while since we've talked-" and he was like "Yeah." Suffice to say, I took the hint and let him go.


It was...mortifying. A total loss-of-innocence moment that you find in teen-wangst novels. He'd always been one of the nicest people I know and would always take a few minutes to have a little chat, even if it was just mindless smalltalk, but this time it was just like. SHUN.

After that we went home and eventually tried going to sleep, but without any fans in the house and it being, quite literally, the hottest day of the year so far, everybody pretty much migrated around the house at least three times looking for the ideal place to sleep. I tried climbing into my car and opening all the windows to sleep in there, but after noticing that I got three bugbites at once on my right foot, I decided that that was a no-go. Eventually we all crashed in the living room with just a screen door between us and the backyard. 9_9

...ONLY TO BE WOKEN UP A FEW HOURS LATER BY THE GODDAMN LOUDEST THUNDER OF MY LIFE. T__T It was like 7 or 8AM and the claps were loud enough to set off the alarm on my mom's car. And then it started pouring so we had to close the windows and doors and crap (I had to go outside and close the cracks I left open in my car =_=) so it wouldn't get wet. And of course it was the kind of shower that just makes things more humid and unbearable so none of us could really sleep very well after that.


Like, I know this is not quite so bad as being marched off to concentration camps and all, but *sigh* still. :( I guess I may as well get used to it though, since I'll be staying in a shack in Taiwan for a month. kfls;djfshdfoka;jf