Amoebattle is Released!

Hey guys! Sorry for not updating, as you've probably guessed I've been very busy!! First, I am definitely continuing work on Directions of Destiny--it is a very precious part of me that I will never abandon, and I am constantly working on the story behind the scenes.

The reason why I have been so quiet is because for the past year and a half, among many many game projects I've been working on, I've also been acting as the Lead Artist on a Real Time Strategy game for Nintendo DSi and iPhone/iPad called Amoebattle!


I am very proud of this project because not only has it finally been released in the App Store this week, today it has just been highlighted by Apple as a Featured Game!! If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, check out the Games section of the App Store and you'll find our game :D!

I played a large part in the development of this project, including character sprites and animation, backgrounds, and UI, but I didn't do it alone! I also had the help of other extremely talented artists like Fenryk, who designed all the characters and created the environment for the final stage, and Barlee and Drunkpugs who both also helped tremendously with the environments!!

Please check it out and support the project, especially if you're into RTS games like Starcraft or even Pikmin. It's available to purchase for just $4.99! It is also coming to DSiWare and the 3DS e-Shop very soon for the same price!

Now that it's out, I can breathe a huge sigh of relief, and I see a lot more time spent on Directions of Destiny :] Thanks everyone and I'll update again soon!


Definitely want to check out this game.. looks like it would be awesome fun. Plus, it's great to hear (or see, in this case) of so many great artists working on the same project. :D

Congratulations. After all, it's hard to make a living with selling art, especially if you're independent...

Wait... is that like the board game (Ursuppe/primordial soup in German)? You know, amoebas and you can buy them evolutionary advantages like mobility, agression etc.?

Will it come to android?


It's such good news to me to hear that you haven't left Directions of Destiny.

If I had an iPhone, I'd look into buying the game. Sadly, I have a BlackBerry... that I adore. xD

If I find myself buying an iPhone one day, I'll buy this game no problem. ^_^

So happy to hear from you again!

Great to see you're still around, because I can assure you that Directions of Destiny has left an indelible mark on a lot of us too. It may seem on the onset to be a typical "Hey we're in highschool but we FIGHT!" premise, but I can assure you that your story has intricacies, characters, and humor that sets it far apart from any other manga or comic I've read.

And trust me, I've read A LOT.

Also cool to hear you've been working on a game, didn't expect that! Will be checking it out.

Absolutely fantastic game! Saw you guys at Fanime and was EXTREMELY impressed. Your art is great and I love the art throughout the game. The game play is great too, it's my new favorite iPad game :D

Great game, stuck on a level though. Belly of the Beast. I can't get past that pack of Alphas without my troops getting cut in half. Still amazing though.

Still checking back hoping that we'll get more of the comic...

Oh, congratulations for the job!
I read your comic a long time ago and I still peek once a year or so if there is some activity. The comic is great and I'm glad to hear that the hiatus wasn't caused by some unfortunate event. I look forward reading more of your stuff until then have a good time. Too bad I don't have nintendo DS nor the other thing otherwise I would definitely try your game. :)

Good job cuz, now how do I beat the end of belly of the beast? I can't defend against all those waves while that probe gathers info.......

after all these years, i still miss DoD


Congratulations on the game :) Absolutely thrilled to hear you're alive and well and still have plans for DoD. Without doubt, I'd have to say DoD is one of the best paced out, best drawn, and most engaging webcomics that I've read. And I've read hundreds and am probably too much of a snob when it comes to these things... but there are just so many out there that you can't read them all. I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus and thank you for all the work you did on DoD, I started reading it waaay back, before you did the redirection and love to check back every now and again to see if it's picked up again. Of course you're busy and we all understand that, but just wanted to say that you and DoD still have lots of fans after all this time :)

Forgot to say... Happy New Year to you and all your fans :D

i still remember this incredible comic as something i used to love reading.. oh hey, im gonna reread it again.
i think a part of me will always wonder what big adventures this comic would unfold. all the best.

I use to read this comic back in 2009 — was reading the comment section of another comic and was suddenly reminder of DoD! Though typically a lurker, I thought I would comment here to let the artist know that there are still people who remember/view this page. Will check back periodically in the future in hopes of updates :). All the best with your current projects.

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