Rupert >3<

Rupert Sketches

These were sketches done of Rupert last year before I started drawing the actual comic. I guess it's sort of like pre-production, except my thought process when it comes to comics is not nearly as refined and polished enough to really label it as such. 8D() A bit of experimentation with different outfits and minor changes to his hair going on, with a bit of extreme winter sports thrown in there. o_o

Rupert Sketches

As always my thumbnails are a complete mess and indecipherable to anybody but myself. And yes, a lot of the panel boxes are empty too--usually if I just place the box where it's supposed to go in the thumbnail, it gives me enough of a reminder as to what's gonna go in there. If you can even tell what's going on, the final layout ended up a tad bit different, but for the most part it's all there? ah ha ha why am I even posting this _-_


I love seeing prototypes! And I'm very happy with the pant-sock situation you went with in the final design.

Is there a trend of changing your character's weapons from swords to axes? ;D

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