Art Archive Layout Revision

Spent a bit of time today revising the main index for the Art Archive on this site so that it's a little more attractive. Before it was just some bulleted links that took up maybe 5% of the total space on the page, aheheh. Unfortunately the actual contents of the folders are still plain ol' text links, so I'm lookin' into fixing that up so that I can get it to easily generate thumbnails whenever I upload stuff onto my server. I know there are a few PHP scripts that can do that out there, but they're a little too complicated for my needs, which is basically to just chuck my files into the archive, let it display as a thumbnail (without me having to manually make each file into a thumbnail), and be done with it. XO

(yeah sry, I'm not witty enough to come up with some elaborate April Fool's hoax. ...or more like I'm just too lazy to. >_>)

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