Four years!

That's how it's been since Directions of Destiny was first launched to the public, as of today. Goodness! Think of how long it would be by now if I didn't revise it at least once every year. XD()

Oh well, this time I'm going to follow through and keep working 'til the end!


Roar yeah, you show that story who's boss. ;D

It's been 4 years already? Wow . . . But the art and story get better with every revision (not that I didn't totally love the old one)

Hehehe... That's pretty crazy, when you think about it. Four years, huh? I remember I started reading it about two years ago, then you took it all down! >.

WOW 4 YEARS! I'M VERY IMPRESSED! I hope i can continue a manga for that long!

Hans! You are amazing, you know that?! I went to VP with you, yes. Anywho, just wanted to say how amazingly talented you are, and wish you the best of luck with everything!

Congratulations! Four years... amazing. I hope it's been enjoyable for you! :D